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Sea Horizon EC

Sea Horizon EC

Sea Horizon EC can be a new Executive Condominium at Pasir Ris. It is located near to Pasir Ris MRT, and expressways for example TPE and PIE.

Sea Horizon EC offers panoramic views with the sea which is just moments stroll to Pasir Ris. This is a haven for beach and nature lovers!

Sea Horizon EC

Additionally it is conveniently located near to stores for example E!Hub@Downtown East and White Sands Shopping Mall to meet every dining, retail and banking needs!

Check about the following eligibility criteria!

Procedure on Investing in a Executive Condomium (EC) in Singapore

Executive Condominiums certainly are a special form of Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat. On the reason for investing in a new EC from developer, purchasers are put through the prevailing HDB rules. However, after staying in the unit for 5 years, the machine could be resold to a different Singaporean or Singaporean Permanent Resident. After A decade, the EC is privatized, and it is considered a private condominium, and can be resold to the person, a good foreigner.

This really is contrary to private condominiums. There is no special restriction on buying private condominiums, and no special restriction on re-selling the units.

Eligibility Conditions to buy EC

The shoppers of EC must meet certain criteria to be in a position to buy a EC unit from your developer.

1. Citizenship

There has to be at least one Singapore Citizen because the main applicant. The co-applicant could be another Singaporean Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

2. Family Nucleus

The main applicant and the co-applicant must form a legitimate family nucleus, including fiancé/finacee, husband/wife, parent/child, joint singles above 35 years old, or even the orphan scheme.


3 . Age

The key applicant as well as the co-applicant has to be above 21 years.

4. Ownership of personal Property

The applicants should never own any private property/EC, and they mustn't have owned any private property/EC within the preceding 30 months.

5. Ownership of HDB flat

The applicants mustn't have purchased greater than twice, the next flat types : flat direct from HDB, EC direct from developer, and resale flat using CPF.

6. Meeting of M.O.P. Requirements.

In the event the applicants own a HDB flat, they must have stayed in the flat for around Five years.

7. Income Ceiling

The combined income of the applicants should never exceed $12,000 per month..

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